Our Current Work

2017 Awards

Winners: James Thomas, Alexander Hoare, Jonathan Ruffer DL, Dato Dr Kim Tan, Dame Vivienne Westwood, Martin Lewis OBE, Tom Ilube, Helen and Peter Wilde, Dame Kelly Holmes DBE, Shalni Arora, Ben Handford, Justin Byam Shaw


2015 Awards

Winners: Trevor Pears CMG, Jamie Carragher, Lord and Lady Harris DBE DL, Bill Holroyd CBE DL, Sir Peter Lampl OBE, Jack Petchey CBE, Sir Peter Vardy DL and Lady Margaret Vardy, Sir Ian Wood CBE and Lady Helen Wood, Jonathan Moulds CBE, Suzanne Biegel, Graham Clempson and Pilotlight, David and Claudia Harding, Ben Drew aka Plan B


2013 Awards

Winners: Harvey McGrath, John Stone, 2011/12 Young Philanthropy Syndicate Founders, Paul Marshall, Gordon Morrison, Angila Chada & Michael McKibbin, Harris Bokhari, Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett, Kavita Oberoi, Nick Ferguson CBE & Jane Ferguson, Jack Morris OBE, Carol Colburn Grigor CBE, Lloyd Dorfman CBE, Sir Vernon Ellis, Sir Ronald Cohen, Nick O’Donohoe, John Pontin OBE & Wendy Stephenson, Richard Bradbury CBE, Stephen Dawson OBE, Michael Norton OBE, Marcelle Speller OBE, Sir Vernon Ellis, Harvey McGrath, J.K. Rowling OBE, John Stone


2010 Awards

Winners: Geordie Greig, Angus MacDonald OBE and Michie MacDonald, Dr James Partridge OBE, Sir Alec Reed CBE, Benita Refson OBE, Clive Staffford-Smith OBE, Jane Tewson CBE, John TImpson CBE and Alex TImpson MBE, Robert Wilson, William S White


The Awards

The Beacon Awards celebrate the extraordinary and transformational achievements of individuals and families who have, each in their own various ways, brought about lasting social change through their conviction, their determination and their generosity. The awards celebrated their exploits with the hope of inspiring others to want to follow suit.

They highlighted key trends in philanthropic giving and pioneering developments, including the growing trend for donations of money together with time, expertise and social capital to support initiatives all around the UK.

The awards are held bi-annually, and 2017 saw the 10th anniversary of the Beacon Awards. Over the years, we’ve celebrated philanthropists from all backgrounds and fields. From footballers to financiers; from rappers to writers – we’re passionate about powering philanthropy, in all its forms.

The Awards ceremony recognises outstanding philanthropy in the following areas;

  • Beacon Award for Philanthropy. The Beacon Award for Philanthropy is the main category for individual philanthropists. More than one award is normally made under this category.
  • Beacon Award for City Philanthropy. This award celebrates the work of a philanthropist based in the City of London, Mayfair, or. Canary Wharf. Their work will inspire the next generation of City philanthropists.
  • Beacon Award for Philanthropy in Arts & Culture. This award celebrates the work of an individual or a small group who has enriched society through their work in promoting arts, culture, and/or heritage.
  • Beacon Award for Impact Investment. This award recognises those who have addressed social, environmental or charitable concerns – while also generating a financial return.
  • Beacon Award for an Outstanding Partnership Between a Philanthropist and a Charity. When philanthropists and charities work together, it can inspire others to give well. This award celebrate excellent an excellent partnership between the two.
  • Beacon Trailblazer Award The Trailblazer Award. Introduced in 2015, this award was first won by hip-hop artist Plan B. The award celebrate those who are early on in their philanthropic journey, yet have already made an impact.
  • Beacon Award for Innovation. Philanthropy can take place in many different forms – this award recognises those whose giving is pioneering or innovative.
  • Beacon Award for Local Community Philanthropy. Philanthropy occurs at all scales; this award celebrates philanthropy which has benefited the community in a particular region.
  • Beacon Award for Philanthropy in Sport. This award will be given to an sportsperson, sporting family, or group of sports people who, through sporting activity, have delivered positive social change.
  • Judges’ Special Award. This award is for any prospective nominees who do not fit the above categories.