Our Work Plan

The Beacon Collaborative has five main work streams, each with their own work plan:

  1. Increasing peer influence by encouraging active philanthropists and social investors to connect and support others and to promote excellence. This will include work to establish easy entrance pathways to giving, peer learning networks and cause-related funding networks.
  2. Developing public awareness of philanthropy and social investment by celebrating best practice and encouraging the debate on the role these activities play in society. This includes continuing the Beacon Awards, which have been successfully celebrating philanthropy for over a decade. It will also include work around raising the profile of philanthropy in the media.
  3. Improving the quality and availability of professional advice on philanthropy and social investment and building on the expertise of the professional services sector to improve the regulatory framework for philanthropy in the UK. This will include work around training and accrediting advisors across the UK.
  4. Researching the economic, sociological and behavioural aspects of philanthropy and measuring levels of giving and social investment and its impact on society.
  5. Improving political engagement by raising awareness for the social and economic benefits that stem from private philanthropy and social investment and fostering partnership between government and private philanthropists in pursuit of positive social change.  This will include work with think tanks, politicians, All Party Parliamentary Groups and select committees where necessary.