As the COVID pandemic engulfed us all we saw an increase in need across the charity sector with organisations struggling to raise funds and support staff and beneficiaries safely.  New issues came to the fore and local and national appeals raised money to support causes.  Our partners also dug deep and produced research, information and guidance for philanthropists.  Each week we summarised activity and opportunity to help donors decide on how to give most effectively.

Charity Excellence Weekly Fundraising Updates

As COVID-19 rumbles on, and the initial burst of fundraising has quietened down it’s getting harder to find up-to-date information on COVID-19 related fundraising.

Weekly COVID Guide – Archive

During the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, from April through to June, Beacon put together a newsletter for funders, philanthropists and others with an interest in the charity sectors. We’ve made these downloadable as a PDF.

Questions to ask to help charities thrive post Covid-19

We already know that society will change radically as a result of the impact of COVID-19. The pandemic is having an impact socially, economically and politically that is unlikely to be reversed. This is happening locally, nationally and internationally.

Questions to ask to help charities adapt post Covid-19

COVID-19 is changing the way that people work, communities function and society interacts. Charities need support to evaluate these changes and consid giner how to adapt to provide their services safely for beneficiaries, staff, volunteers and the wider community.

Questions to ask to help charities survive post Covid-19

There are some charities we cannot afford to lose over the next few months, as the services they provide to those affected by the pandemic are vital and cannot be offered by other agencies.

Do Something New – Questions to ask when supporting a new charity

This toolkit is a guide for philanthropists and advisors. It provides questions they can ask when deciding which charities to support through the survive, adapt, and thrive phases of the post-COVID landscape.

Thematic funding spotlight – Children and Young People

Following the Big Night In, Children in Need is coordinating a sector wide response for children and young people affected by COVID-19.

Thematic funding spotlight – Refugees & Asylum Seekers

Refugees and asylum seekers are already one of the most vulnerable groups in society. Any extra crisis for them presents a huge risk. One third of the world’s internally displaced population lives in countries at an extreme risk of COVID-19, painting a stark picture for the plight of refugees.

Thematic funding spotlight – Arts and Culture

The arts have been left behind in the relief phase of COVID-19 recovery. Those working in the arts have been disproportionately hit by financial strife. Many are left with no idea when, or even if they will be able to work again.