Thematic Funding Spotlight: Environment


Almost all environmental charities are reporting the negative consequences of the pandemic, challenging the misconception that the lockdown has had a positive effect on the environment. Notable impacts have been the inability of charities to carry out conservation work and the reduced ability to carry out scientific, policy and advocacy work.

Challenges are also being experienced in the international context where the reduction in tourism and economic hardship is causing a spike in poaching and wildlife consumption.

At the same time, environmental charities are facing a loss of income (in line with other non-profits) with many reluctant to ask for support because of concerns that it will seem inappropriate at a time of increased humanitarian need. This is particularly acute for charities who rely on income from nature reserves, visitor centres and events.

These were the findings from a meeting of 40+ environmental fundraisers recently convened by the Environmental Funders Network. To support the UK’s environmental sector going forward, EFN will:

  • Regularly convene funders to share intelligence and encourage collaboration
  • Encourage new funds to support the sector
  • Support fundraisers in environmental charities to share information, collaborate and access funds
  • Enhance communications for the wider sector

The principal goals for this effort are to:

  1. Help a robust environmental sector to emerge after the pandemic: determining which parts of the sector/ organisations are most at risk, and helping to secure funding.
  2. Support the sector to ‘build back better’: ensuring that the economic reset following the pandemic is as sustainable and fair as it can be.

For more information please contact Jane Cabutti: Jane@greenfunders.or