young donors

4 types of wealthy young donor

Our recent research into wealthy millennials led us to identify the four personality types charities could consider in their fundraising approaches for the next generation.

Based on our learnings, we developed four key ‘drivers’ for wealthy young donors based on their giving profiles. These are:

    1. Good intentions, time poor,
    2. Locally-focussed, money & more,
    3. Giving together, experience seekers,
    4. Change makers, systemic outlook.

While these personalities are not intended to be exhaustive, they are a useful tool to encourage fundraisers and charities to broaden their thinking around interacting with different types of young donor. Some wealth creators may also straddle two or more groups.

Discover the four personalities

If charities can learn to diversify their approach to engaging wealthy young donors, they can look forward to fruitful, life-long partnerships with the next generation of wealth holders.