Want to improve the scale or the impact of your giving?

Perhaps you are already involved in giving to good causes and are seeking to learn more about good practice. Or perhaps you want to amplify your impact.

You have already realised the value that philanthropy has in making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities. Now you want to give in a more impactful way. Maybe you feel like you can give more money but want to be comfortable that it is being used well. Or perhaps you are keen to give more of your talent to the charities you support, not just your wealth. Whatever the reason, you have come to the right place to find resources to help you to improve your giving.

    • More impact – Knowing the right questions to ask charities can help you to understand how best to help them.
    • Meaningful experience – Learning more about philanthropy’s essential role for charities will make your giving experience more rewarding.
    • Better relationships – Building more transparent relationships with charities will allow you to change your assistance as the charity changes.
    • More than money – Philanthropic money is essential for charities, but complementing this with your time and skills is highly valuable.
    • Better strategy – A solid and well-considered philanthropy strategy will allow your money to go further.

“People who have more than enough money typically have some expertise in acquiring it – using that skill for the benefit of others is just a natural next step.” – Andrew Law

“You might have a grand vision, and that’s a good thing, but we find it helps to test different things to inform and evolve your thinking towards that vision.” – Philippa Charles

“It’s useful – right at the start – to give some thought to what sort of philanthropy you want to engage in.” – Stelio Stefanou

“If you do have more to give, then that’s fantastic. You can change people’s lives, a little at a time. Let’s do the work. Let’s be the change we want in our world.” – Ric Lewis

Match funding featured image

Why match funding works for philanthropy

One donation, twice the impact – clearly an attractive proposition for any funder. But what is the history of match funding programmes, have they been successful in the UK, and why is the philanthropy sector now waking up to them? Alex Day writes for Beacon in this guest blog.

individual philanthropy commitment on climate change

New Climate Pledge for Individual Philanthropists Launched alongside COP26

In line with the COP26 climate conference, Beacon and the Environmental Funders Network (with support from ACF) have launched a dedicated climate philanthropy pledge. The Individual Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change is the world’s first of its type in the climate space and is aimed at attracting new philanthropists to use their resources in tackling the climate crisis.

the individual impact investing commission featured image

Beacon Collaborative

New commission on impact investing announced.

A new commission into unlocking the potential of individual impact investing has been established by Beacon Collaborative and Big Society Capital. The six month commission will look at the barriers HNW individuals face in impact investing and how they can be overcome.

hnw giving

Cath Dovey

UK’s wealthiest sustain higher giving, but major gifts recede 

New polling of the UK’s millionaire population suggests wealthy individuals are sustaining their increased charitable giving levels. However, the survey – covering giving from July to September 2021 – also shows that the frequency of major gifts has fallen. We analyse the findings.

impact investing

James Macdonald

Flexible Impact: a sliding scale to dial-in your impact

Impact investing is growing in popularity. As it does, the market is seeing new vehicles crop up which are increasingly aiming to meet investors’ needs. One such vehicle is Blue Impact Fund. We ask what these vehicles mean for philanthropists looking to increase their impact.


Giving effectively: can data play a bigger role in decision-making?

Determining what charitable causes you want to support is quickly followed by the problem of resource allocation. But this can be tough when the third sector often has such poor data available. In this article, MyCake founder Sarah Thelwell tackles the data issue, looking at how improvements to the charity data can help philanthropists to give better.

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