A new portal for arts & culture funders & organisations

From the outset of Covid, many arts institutions have experienced a significant decrease in income.

Although significant government funding was made available, community centres, museums, orchestras, galleries and playhouses saw some traditional funding streams dry up. Others experienced donors diverting their funding elsewhere while some arts funders reduced their support due to nerves around their own financial situation.

New Philanthropy for Arts & Culture (NPAC) was set up just a year before Covid, but its work has since taken on an even greater importance.

NPAC is a network of arts supporters which exists to stimulate additional philanthropic support for the sector across the UK.

This month, NPAC launched its long awaited website, a portal for its activities around the UK. The site has been designed both as a resource for arts and culture organisations and for those individuals keen to supporting them.

Visit the NPAC website

Speaking about the work of New Philanthropy for Arts and Culture, chair Sir Vernon Ellis said:

new philanthropy for arts and culture sir vernon ellis

“As activity increases, arts organisations are seeking to deliver ever more sophisticated outcomes, often with a wide social remit. I believe that philanthropy will have an increasing role to play, to help drive practical change and achieve sustainability for the sector.”


The NPAC website includes:

  • Research into motivations for philanthropic giving, and in particular philanthropic support of the arts and culture sector, undertaken by NPAC and others.
  • 40 case studies of arts and culture organisations demonstrating the transformative impact of the arts, and which together make a powerful case for support for arts and culture.
  • Information about an emerging group of place-based networks which aim to bring together philanthropists in a particular area.
  • An introduction to NPAC’s current initiatives, which include the creation of opportunities for a Next Generation of trustees to support the sector.
  • Resources aimed at organisations wishing to increasing philanthropic giving, with no prior knowledge assumed. This section was created following extensive conversations with arts organisations; we have created a ‘philanthropy toolkit’ in response to their identified needs.
  • Latest news from the sector and an invitation to sign up to NPAC’s network.

NPAC has been operating under the umbrella of Beacon Collaborative, and its work complements other projects, research and initiatives Beacon is working on.