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Cath Dovey

High-net-worth giving continues upward trend to June 2022

Since early 2020, Beacon has been conducting surveying of 300 – 500 UK millionaires. Our recent research shows that, though giving among the general population has declined, high-net-worth giving has increase. Cath Dovey takes an in-depth look at the data and what it means for UK philanthropy.

philanthropy champion

The Law Family Commission on Civil Society

Commission calls for ‘Philanthropy Champion’ in Whitehall

The Law Family Commission on Civil Society has just called for the role of Philanthropy Champion to be established within Whitehall. If successful, this role could help to unlock billions in private money being used for the public good. This article looks at what proposed role is and how it might work.


Cath Dovey

Strong Annual Growth in Giving Reported among UK Pentamillionaires

Since June 2020, Beacon has carried out quarterly research with 300-500 UK millionaires. After two years of data, we can now start to see trends in the giving of the wealthy. It is also possible to suggest what may impact their giving. Cath Dovey analyses the data…

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James Macdonald

CAF Sunday Times Giving List 2022

With great power comes great responsibility. The same can be said for great wealth. The Giving List highlights those wealthy individuals who are leading the way in giving back to society. In this article we look at who topped the list and which causes were popular among the top givers.

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Beacon Collaborative

A new portal for arts & culture funders & organisations

The arts and culture sector has been ravaged by Covid as philanthropic funding has dried up. New Philanthropy for Arts and Culture (NPAC) is a network of arts supporters seeking to increase philanthropic funding to the sector. We look at the launch of its new website, a portal for those seeking to support the arts.

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James Macdonald

Spring Statement 2022 | What did it say about philanthropy?

As sure as day follows night, the Spring Statement has followed the full budget. In this article, we explore the main aspects of the Statement. We highlight the lack of any mention of philanthropy and ponder how charitable giving – if stimulated effectively by the government – could have a far larger role to play.

philanthropy gb news

Beacon Collaborative

Beacon’s Cath Dovey talks Philanthropy on GB News

Just before the Christmas break, Cath Dovey was invited to appear discuss philanthropy on GB News. In the interview, Cath discussed the habits of wealthy givers during Covid, what the sector needs to unlock greater giving, and how philanthropists play a pivotal role in today’s society.

law family commission

Cath Dovey

Law Family Commission reports on the state of UK philanthropy

The Law Family Commission just published a report into the state of charitable giving in the UK. Among its findings are the identification of three ‘giving gaps,’ which have all contributed to a drop of over 21% in high net worth philanthropy between 2011/12 and 2018/19. We summarise the report.

grant-making during covid

Beacon Collaborative

Research reveals rapid grant-making in early months of the pandemic.

360Giving has just released new data investigating the giving trends of philanthropists during the pandemic. The vast dataset draws on insights from over 66,000 grants representing over £2.4 billion in funding. The findings show that grants were made at record speed and that funders increasingly focused on black and minority ethnic organisations. We analyse the findings.

individual philanthropy commitment on climate change

Beacon Collaborative

Climate Pledge for Individual Philanthropists launched alongside COP26

In line with the COP26 climate conference, Beacon and the Environmental Funders Network (with support from ACF) have launched a dedicated climate philanthropy pledge. The Individual Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change is the world’s first of its type in the climate space and is aimed at attracting new philanthropists to use their resources in tackling the climate crisis.