James Macdonald

New report demonstrates how philanthropists can use their funding to challenge the status quo

A new report looks into funding programmes designed in 2020 and how they have (or have not) reached organisations led by black people and communities experiencing racial injustice. The report gives a number of recommendations funders and funding organisations can implement to redress the balance and serves as a reminder of the vital role philanthropy can play in challenging the status quo.

James Macdonald

Beacon to launch new research into young givers’ attitudes to philanthropy

This month, Beacon and Savanta will publish brand new research into young wealth holders’ attitudes to giving. The new research identifies 10 key insights for fundraisers and charities, which will be shared at an online launch event on 22nd April. We encourage all those who are interested in learning about the next generation of philanthropists to attend.

millionaire giving

Cath Dovey

Millionaire giving increases through first quarter of 2021

Millionaire giving levels have increased for the first three months in 2021. This is based on new pulse data emerging from Beacon and Savanta. The data shows that giving has returned to levels similar to those at the beginning of the pandemic. With a vaccine now being rolled out and an end to the pandemic in sight, it appears that wealthy individuals are once again feeling more comfortable to give more.

James Macdonald

Budget 2021: SITR gets two-year extension 

In his 2021 budget, announced on Wednesday this week, Chancellor Sunak extended the social investment tax relief scheme by a further two years. We look in detail at why it might have been cut, why the sector should be relieved at this extension, and how SITR can be improved.

baobab foundation logo

James Macdonald

A new organisation-led foundation for black and minority ethnic communities

Baobab Foundation was established in response both to the murder of George Floyd, and to the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on black and minority ethnic communities in the UK. We spoke with Joe, Dilhani and Jake to learn more about the foundation and how it could progress the philanthropic landscape in the UK.

Murielle Maupoint

James Macdonald

Fund emerges to support small UK overseas development charities at-risk due to Covid

A new initiative has been launched to attract philanthropic money towards small, struggling international development charities. We interviewed Murielle Maupoint, who started the fund, to understand how philanthropists can mitigate their risk when supporting international development overseas.

Cath Dovey

Can the UK become a global centre of excellence for international philanthropy and social investment?

The UK has a golden opportunity to position itself as the leading global centre for philanthropy and global investment. Our report examines the UK’s strengths and argues that it can do even better to increase its share of an estimated £180 billion global opportunity.

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James Macdonald

Trends in philanthropy during 2020

  High-Net-Worth Philanthropy: Trends in giving during 2020  What can we learn from trends in giving among the wealthy last year? In June 2020, Beacon launched a quarterly survey of 300-500 high-net-worth individuals to understand patterns of giving by the wealthy on a continuous basis. The survey asks just two questions – how much wealthy […]

donor advised funds

Cath Dovey

UK Donor Advised Fund Assets Reach £1.7 billion

  UK Donor Advised Fund Assets Reach £1.7 billion 2019, the year before Covid-19, may seem like a distant memory. Yet, even before the crisis, UK philanthropy was on the march. In the closing hours of 2020, National Philanthropic Trust UK (NPT UK) published its fifth annual UK Donor Advised Fund Report, showing charitable assets […]

new year's honours list

James Macdonald

Philanthropy Sector celebrated in New Year’s Honours List

  Philanthropy Sector celebrated in New Year’s Honours List Beacon looks at the ways in which individuals in the Philanthropy Sector have received commendation from the Queen for their services. This article demonstrates the vital role that philanthropy is playing in the civil society response to COVID. Ringing in the start of 2021, the Queen’s […]