Barclays Private Bank partners with Beacon and the Institute of Fundraising

Barclays Private Bank commits to a partnership with The Beacon Collaborative and the Institute of Fundraising to deliver a step-change in giving

Barriers to Giving, a new report released today by Barclays Private Bank, finds a ‘lack of faith’ between high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and charities is one of the greatest obstacles to philanthropy in the UK. In response to the issues raised in the report, Barclays Private Bank is partnering with The Beacon Collaborative and the Institute of Fundraising to redress the relationship between wealthy individuals and charities.

Read the full report here

Recent figures revealed that only 50% of UK multimillionaires donate 1% or more of their annual income to charitable causes. The lack of major donors is having a considerable impact on charitable funding; philanthropic donations amount to just 0.5% of national GDP today, compared with 2.1% in the US. If every multi-millionaire in the UK was to increase donations to 1% of their income, there would be an additional £46.4 million in national charity funding each year.

The partnership aims to deliver a step-change in giving by building trust and understanding between HNWIs and charities. It will support The Beacon Collaborative’s objective to generate an additional £2 billion in donations to charity by 2025. Barclays Private Bank and The Beacon Collaborative will also work with the Institute of Fundraising to deliver a series of events to help fundraisers engage and form long term relationships with HNWIs.

Barriers to Giving also found that:

  • 74% of HNWIs believe philanthropy is a responsibility of those wealthier than themselves
  • 46% believe that it is the responsibility of the government or state to support charitable organisations’ causes
  • 35% believe that making extra donations wouldn’t be large enough to have a significant impact
  • 24% of HNWIs cite a lack of knowledge, experience and contact with the charity sector as a hurdle to overcome when considering large donations

Emma Turner, Director, Philanthropy Service at Barclays Private Bank, said:

Barriers to Giving reveals a lack of alignment on how HNWIs and charities can collaborate to deliver real change. Barclays Private Bank is uniquely positioned to undertake this challenge; not only does our expertise bring a deep understanding of the HNWI landscape, but Barclays also banks one in four charities in the UK.

She continued: “We are committed to supporting our clients to map out giving goals that align to their values and personal ambitions, with the same careful consideration that goes into making any other investment. We know that life’s success isn’t just about financial gains. Philanthropy – using your money for good – is an investment which delivers a different, but equally important kind of return.”

Matthew Bowcock, co-founder of The Beacon Collaborative said:

“Philanthropy has a crucial role to play in modern society – especially in today’s climate, where inequality has created deep divisions. We are already working alongside a growing force of major givers in the UK, but as this report reveals, there is more to be done to bridge the gap between charities and donors. Strengthening such relationships, with the help of Barclays Private Bank and the Institute of Fundraising, will be essential in meeting our goal to secure an additional £2 billion in annual collective funding by 2025.”

Peter Lewis, Chief Executive of the Institute of Fundraising said:

“We’re delighted to be bringing the findings of Barriers to Giving 2020 to life for the hundreds of charities we support, with a series of events that will help fundraisers to better understand wealthy donors, and to build more impactful, longer-term relationships with them. At the same time, there is a need to help HNWIs better understand charities and the impact we know is achieved.”