Our vision is to contribute to the growth of a stronger independent civil society, with more people using more of their private assets for public good.


Our mission is to see philanthropy grow as giving is recognised as a valuable contribution to society by spreading best practice and giving philanthropists confidence from each other to give more and better


Our Goals

Our goals are;

To double regular philanthropic giving by the wealthy

  • To grow the amount of private wealth that is deployed as donations or social investment for public good annually by £2 billion, and
  • To encourage the investment of the skills, networks and time of these wealth holders in civil society
  • To contribute to a joined up philanthropy ecosystem supporting philanthropists to give more and better


Better philanthropy

  • Where government must be prudent with public funds, the philanthropist can take risks and freely invest in social innovation or pilot initiatives to address intractable problems.
  • Where government must meet the needs of the many, philanthropists can support small or specialist organisations, including those that help the most marginalised, partnering alongside or complementing public spending priorities.
  • And, where the private sector must maximise financial value, philanthropy can champion social or environmental causes, funding work that might never be commercialised or taken to scale.
  • By working with partners to achieve collective goals that we can contribute to a strong philanthropy ecosystem and support sector

Change Through Collective Impact

We use a collective impact model working with our partners across the sector with:

  • A common agenda
  • Shared measurement
  • Mutually reinforcing activities
  • Continuous communication
  • A backbone organisation