The UK has a rich heritage of private philanthropy. It is scarcely possible to walk down any high street in our country without seeing the indelible mark of philanthropy in our hospitals, schools and universities, in libraries and community centres, theatres and museums, and in our religious and charitable institutions. Philanthropy is a force that has shaped our modern society.

More urgently, we are living in a time of great need, when inequality has led to deep divisions.

With social and environmental needs at crisis levels, we believe those who have benefited from the opportunities to create wealth in our society should accept the responsibility of giving back as a civic duty.

Therefore, as wealth holders, we are seeking to encourage our peers to increase our annual charitable giving collectively by £2 billion.

The Beacon Collaborative believes that:

    1. Wealth holders are the members of society with the greatest capacity to contribute our additional resources for public benefit.
    2. Civil society flourishes when it is recognised to be a shared responsibility between government, the voluntary sector and private individuals.
    3. The social contract must be reshaped; our economy offers the freedom to create great wealth, but with reward must come responsibility.
    4. Private philanthropic capital represents a precious resource that is not readily available in the public or private sectors.
    5. Philanthropy should be free to challenge the status quo where the outcome is a better society for all.
    6. Philanthropy is a mechanism by which responsible citizens can deepen their engagement in society and it is additive to their contribution as tax-payers.

To achieve our goal will take many actions by many people. We will do more this year, in the causes we support and by encouraging others in their philanthropy. What will you do?

Philanthropists, donors or social investors who have signed up include:

  • Ms Catherine Zennström
  • Mr Matthew Bowcock
  • Ms Katherine Lorenz
  • Sir Harvey McGrath
  • Mr Paul Barry-Walsh
  • Mr Grant Gordon
  • Sir Vernon Ellis
  • Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett
  • Mr Alexander Scott
  • Mrs Laura Montgomery
  • Ms Gay Huey-Evans
  • Mr Maurice Ostro OBE
  • Mr Nicholas Ferguson
  • Mr Michael Norton
  • Mr Bill Holroyd
  • Sir Richard Stilgoe
  • Ms Shalni Arora
  • Mr Stephen Cohen
  • Mr Alexander S Hoare
  • Mr Richard Ross
  • Mr Jonathan Ruffer
  • Mr Frederick Mulder
  • Sir Peter Vardy
  • Mr David Sheepshanks CBE
  • Mr Peter Samuelson
  • Ms Marcelle Speller
  • Mr John Stone
  • Sir Trevor Pears
  • Lord Philip Harris
  • Mr Angus Macdonald
  • Ms Marjorie Neasham Glasgow
  • Ms Ann Berger
  • Mr Jonathan Straight
  • Ms Lucy Blythe
  • Mr Jonathan Norbury
  • Ms Catherine Grum
  • Mr Paul Knox
  • Ms Rebecca Eastmond
  • Mr Alberto Lidji
  • Mr Alec Reed
  • Dame Stephanie Shirley CH
  • Ms Fran Perrin
  • Mr William Perrin
  • Mr John Stares
  • Ms Catherine Dovey
  • Mr Iraj Ispahani
  • Mr James B. Broderick
  • Mr Stephen Dawson
  • Mr Henry Tinsley
  • Sir Ian Wood
  • Ms Darshita Gillies
  • Mr Paul Donovan
  • Mr Alexandre Tissot Demidoff
  • Ms Alice Farrer
  • Mr Benjamin Janes
  • Mr Stewart Brown
  • Mr Cliff Prior
  • Dr Annalisa Jenkins
  • Mr Barnaby Wiener
  • Ms Anna Josse
  • Plus five anonymous

Others supporters who have signed up include:

  • Mr Neil Heslop OBE, Chief Executive, Charities Aid Foundation
  • Ms Carol Mack, Chief Executive, Association of Charitable Foundations
  • Mr Fabian French
  • Mr Dan Corry, CEO New Philanthropy Capital
  • Mr John Pepin, Chief Executive, Philanthropy Impact
  • Ms Jo Ensor
  • Mr Tris Lumley, Director of Innovation & Development, New Philanthropy Capital
  • Mr Peter Lewis, Chief Executive, Institute of Fundraising
  • Mr David Stead
  • Mr Dan Fluskey, Head of Policy, Institute of Fundraising
  • Mr Sebastian Dovey, Founder, Prospect Partnership
  • Ms Juliet Valdinger
  • Ms Marta Drummond
  • Ms Gwyn Wansbrough
  • Ms Jane Cabutti
  • Ms Cressida Grant, Head of Philanthropy, The Princes Trust
  • Ms Rachael Henshilwood
  • Ms Lyn Tomlinson, Director of Philanthropy & Social Investment, Cazenove Capital
  • Ms Claire Cosgrove
  • Mr George King, Maesco Private Wealth
  • Mr Keith MacDonald, Partner, EY
  • Ms Maryanne Matthews, CEO, EY Foundation
  • Mr James Maloney, Partner, Farrer & Co
  • Ms Jayne Woodley, CEO, Oxfordshire Community Foundation
  • Ms Julia Grant, Chief Economist, Pro Bono Economics

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