Collaborating for a Cause – How cause-related networks can lead to more and better giving

In partnership with us, New Philanthropy Capital developed “Collaborating for a Cause”, a targeted study looking at the role of cause-related networks to enable philanthropists on their giving journey. The research looks in detail how cause-related networks can increase and improve philanthropic giving.

There are seven factors NPC found which make cause-related networks effective for their members, the funding community, and the causes they wish to serve. These are:

  1. Enabling members to align around a purpose.
  2. Developing a common understanding of a cause and the related systems.
  3. Supporting donors to build knowledge and skills.
  4. Facilitating deeper connections within a network.
  5. Connecting with others in a sector.
  6. Supporting innovation.
  7. Keeping front-of-mind the importance of equity and inclusion to ensure giving genuinely meets the needs of the communities it serves.

Download the full report here


Thank you to City Bridge Trust and Arts Council England for providing grant funding in order to make this research possible.