There are many different pathways to giving, and there is no single image of what a philanthropist looks like.

Strategy and decision making are a crucial part of giving. We speak to philanthropists of all types about the highs and lows they faced on their journeys.

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sam lawson johnston

Splitting Your Focus: funding globally and locally.

You’re committed to supporting your local community, but also want to stimulate change internationally. Can you do both? Samuel Lawson Johnston talks to us about this dilemma and how he found a solution by splitting his focus.

sophie marple gower street

From Girls’ Education to Climate Funding – Sophie Marple’s philanthropy journey.

Sophie and Nick Marple established Gower Street in 2007 to give more structure to their charitable funding. Beginning with a focus on girls’ education, the trust has now also moved into climate funding. We speak to Sophie to learn about the motivations and ambitions for her giving.

max morgan

Taking the first steps into philanthropy

Max Morgan developed a love of Menorca after spending a lot of his childhood on the island. Once established in a career, Max developed the resources to be able to give back to the island in a more substantial way. We find out about Max’s experience becoming a founding member of Menorca Preservation Fund, his first substantial philanthropic endeavour.

lanka environment fund featured image

Applying principles of business to environmental philanthropy

Satish Selvanathan has always been fascinated by Sri Lanka and passionate about conserving its beautiful natural environment. Two years ago, he decided to co-found Lanka Environment Fund as a way of supporting green projects in the country. Satish tells us how he is applying his two decades of experience in the private sector to his work with the new fund.

garfield weston

The dynamics of philanthropy through a family foundation

The Garfield Weston Foundation has been involved in philanthropy for over 50 years. During this time, the foundation has given millions of pounds to support a range of causes including the Arts and culture, youth and welfare, the environment and education. We spoke with foundation director Philippa Charles to learn more about what drives the family’s giving and how Covid has seen their philanthropy ramp-up.

for baby's sake

Fighting domestic abuse through philanthropy

In 2007, Stelio Stefanou sold his public services management company Accord. Following this, he wanted to stay away from business roles and instead become more involved in doing good through charity work. His mission? To find and create a programme which addressed the social issue of intergenerational domestic violence. We spoke to him to learn about The For Baby’s Sake Trust.

andrew law

3 Guiding Principles of Philanthropy, with Andrew Law

Andrew Law is the co-founder of the Law Family Charitable Foundation, established a decade ago. In pursuing his philanthropy, he follows three principles. He spoke to us go into detail on these, and to provide his advice for budding philanthropists.

Applying the principles of construction to philanthropy

A career in construction teaches you a lot about collaboration and efficient working. Steve Morgan CBE founded construction company Redrow before beginning his own foundation. For Steve, applying what he has learnt as a builder to his philanthropy is key. He speaks to us to share more about how his experience as a builder has helped to shape his philanthropic journey.

Year in review: An interview with Matthew Bowcock, co-founder @ Beacon Collaborative.

Following a successful career in software and startups, Matthew Bowcock co-founded the Hazelhurst Trust in 2000. The intention was to provide grants and other forms of social finance to local charities and social enterprises. He speaks to us about what inspires his giving, the strategy he uses, and the impacts of the pandemic on the foundation’s 2020 activities.