There are many different pathways to giving, and there is no single image of what a philanthropist looks like.

Strategy and decision making are a crucial part of giving. We speak to philanthropists of all types about the highs and lows they faced on their journeys.

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richard ross 2

Expert medical research funders – Responding to COVID-19

Ask Richard Ross what has been the response of the Rosetrees Trust to Covid-19 and he replies: “It has taken 30 years of work to be in the right position to respond rapidly to this crisis.”

the scott family trusts

Working with and through trusted partners – Responding to COVID-19

On-the-ground-knowledge is vital in times of crisis. The Scott family trusts have been active across Cumbria and North Lancashire for more than a hundred years. They know the territory; yet when faced with the scale of the challenge created by COVID-19 in their communities, they recognised the need to work with others.

fran and will perrin

Getting ahead of the curve – Responding to Covid-19

On 18 March, the same day that schools closed in the UK, the Indigo Trust announced grants of £2.5 million linked to Covid-19. Will and Fran Perrin, founders of the Indigo Trust, were able to fund fast because of their experience and network across the UK philanthropy sector.