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Understanding the Barriers to Giving

Barclays Private Bank – in association with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and Beacon Collaborative – hosts a two-part webinar looking at the barriers to high-net-worth charitable giving in the UK and how we can get around them.

Part one

The opening session sees Emma Turner and Cath Dovey discuss research into what stops people from getting involved in philanthropy and what prevents them from increasing their giving once they start. Emma provides an overview of the Barriers to Giving research, which highlights a ‘lack of faith’ between high-net-worth individuals and charities.

Following this, Cath reflects on The Giving Experience, a report into the barriers to giving among the wealthy in the UK. The duo then answers audience questions, including how increased Covid giving may impact future wealthy philanthropy and how charities can cultivate meaningful relationships with new donors.


Part two

The second session takes the form of a conversation. Emma Turner speaks with experienced donor Sir Trevor Pears, one of the founders of the Pears Foundation. He talks about what got him into giving, how his charitable activity has changed over the years, and what he has learnt along the way.

Audience questions also see Sir Trevor reflect on how he chooses to support a cause and the importance of providing other help to charities beyond money.