millennial philanthropy one-pager for business

How businesses can inspire millennial philanthropy

Our research shows that young people are anxious to give away big sums of money, but that they still want to engage in philanthropy. We look four ways that businesses can step up to fill the gap, providing convenient solutions to inspire millennial philanthropy.

tech and philanthropy

4 ways tech can help first-time donors

Tech is making it easier for those looking to get into philanthropy to take their first steps. From identifying the right causes to support to being able to track the impact your donation is having, here are four ways tech can help you to give.

young donors

4 types of wealthy young donor – #YoungGivers report

During the #YoungGivers research, we discovered that young donors have a range of different needs and that charities should not treat them as a monolith. From these insights, we identified four ‘types’ of young donor charities should understand and should integrate into their fundraising practices.