what is philanthropy

What is philanthropy?

Philanthropy is an act of caring, a recognition that some of the resources that you have can be used to make the world a better place.

It has alleviated poverty, fostered art and culture, strengthened communities and improved our environment.

When most effective, the philanthropist brings skills, experience and networks as well as money.

This is the oxygen that nurtures the sort of society we want to live in and planet we want to live on.

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What are the UK’s current giving levels?

Below are the median average giving levels for wealthy people per year.

£2.5 bn

The top 1% of wealth holders give away £2.5 billion annually.


People with more than £10m in assets give 1-2% of their wealth away annually.


20% of millionaires based in Britain give more than 1% of their wealth away annually.


Half of UK millionaires give more than £4000 away annually.

Latest news, blogs and stories…


The campaign allowing anyone to become a vaccine philanthropist

Over the course of Covid, the world’s richest have stepped up and drawn on their personal money to aid the recovery. But the infrastructure has not existed for people at an average wealth level to do the same. We look at one campaign changing that…

The Honours List & the challenges of celebrating philanthropy

This article brings attention to the two individuals commended for philanthropy in the 2021 Queen’s Birthday Honours List. We also explore how the inherent blending of philanthropy with other forms of charitable endeavour can often cloak substantial financial contributions made by individuals.

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#ShiftThePower – A series addressing power imbalances in philanthropy.

On 17th June, the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School will host the first of a series of webinars addressing power imbalances in philanthropy. These events will explore existing paradigms within philanthropy, the impact they have, and how we can improve.

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Top 10 needs of millennial donors (and how to meet them)

Our recent research into #YoungGivers highlights that charities and fundraisers develop stronger relationships with young and wealthy donors if they understand them better. We highlight the top 10 things we’ve learnt about millennial donors and demonstrate how you can meet their needs.

Reinventing philanthropy for today | Our Common Good

“If the state will provide less, who will provide more?” This sentence guided John Nickson down the journey of developing a new approach to philanthropy. We speak with John, and fellow co-founder Paul Donovan, to learn about their new philanthropic initiative designed to help left-behind communities across the UK.

Understanding the Barriers to Giving | Webinar

In a two-part webinar, Barclays Private Bank, the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and Beacon explore what stops high-net-worth individuals from getting involved in charity giving. The session also features an interview with experienced donor Sir Trevor Pears on his philanthropic activity.

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