Philanthropy is an act of caring, a recognition that some of the resources that you have can be used to make the world a better place.

It has alleviated poverty, fostered art and culture, strengthened communities and improved our environment.

When most effective, the philanthropist brings skills, experience and networks as well as money.

This is the oxygen that nurtures the sort of society we want to live in and planet we want to live on.


Our vision is to contribute to the growth of a stronger independent civil society, by more people using more of their private assets for public good


Our mission is to see philanthropy grow, as giving is recognised as a valuable contribution to society.  We do this by spreading best practice and gaining confidence from each other to give more and better.

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BSC and Schroders Offer Impact Investment to Retail Investors

Working with Big Society Capital, Schroders has launched a listed Schroder BSC Social Impact Trust to bring impact investment to ordinary investors. The fund uses a diversified Social Impact Investment strategy to deliver a positive social outcome with a financial return. Its principal investments will be in high impact housing, debt for social enterprises and public/private social outcomes contracts. 

Environmental Funders Network Showcase Stories of Successful Funding Initiatives

The Environmental Funders Network have released an illustrated booklet of case studies to showcase pathways into environmental funding.   The 27 stories of network members, including individuals and trust and foundations, demonstrate the transformative potential of philanthropy.  This work not only showcases pathways to new and increasing philanthropy for those that wish to support environmental causes but also offers valuable insights into all philanthropic efforts and best practice in giving.

The Law Family Commission on Civil Society launches an ambitious programme of research into how we can unleash the potential of civil society

The Law Family Commission on Civil Society aims to research the ways in which civil society can

“harness and enhance the powerful community bonds that exist in our nation”.

The commission will investigate how the the public, private and social sectors can work together for systemic, positive societal goals.   It will be run by Pro Bono Economics and has been made possible with a philanthropic donation from the Law Family Charitable Foundation.


The COVID crisis should provide evidence of why philanthropy matters and why we need to take it more seriously than ever before in a society open to generosity. One cause for optimism during these bleakest of times has been a voluntary spirit and desire to help others, which emerged right from the start of the lockdown. Admonished to stay at home and protect the NHS, many instead found ways to help other human beings rather than stay still, immobilised by public mandate.

Prism the Gift Fund’s new research sheds light on social attitudes to philanthropy

Prism has commissioned a survey to explore social attitudes in the UK to philanthropic giving in the UK: The Philanthropy Paradox: Public Attitudes and Future Prospects for Planned Giving.

The Beacon Collaborative Conference January 2019 – Findings

In January 2019, Beacon brought together 100 philanthropists, policymakers, advisors and others to discuss how they could work together to best advance giving and social investment in the UK. 

Stories from our network

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Renowned Philanthropist Sir Alec Reed Offers his Thoughts on Where to Focus Giving this Christmas

In 2007, Sir Alec Reed, founder of one of the UK’s best known recruitment brands, REED, saw a huge gap in the philanthropic and giving landscape: the opportunity for small, medium and large donors to join together to meet a charity’s needs for a specific campaign. From this realisation, Sir Alec has spent more than a decade to make giving easier for all kinds of donors.

Testing the Potential for Impact Investing

It’s not often you hear businesses claim that they want to be copied and want competition, but this is exactly the position that family-owned private bank C. Hoare & Co. took in 2016 when it launched Snowball.

Investing in Infrastructure

As an entrepreneur, social investor and philanthropist, Paul Barry Walsh recognises that different forms of capital need to work in tandem – especially in these unprecedented times. It is so easy to criticise others, but perhaps the question we should ask ourselves is what are we doing?

Shooting for the Moon

For James Chen, philanthropy is about backing the moon-shot ideas – funding those special projects or programmes that could change lives, or even change the world as we know it.

Flexible donors, trusted beneficiaries, endless possibilities

For Pauline De Souza direct engagement with independent artists and arts institutions is the key to successful philanthropy. For her, a successful result is an arts project that stimulates debate.

Meeting the challenge of recovery – Responding to COVID-19

Grant Gordon says he had a light bulb moment: on a webinar to discuss philanthropy’s response to COVID-19 the discussion centred around three phases of response – relief, recovery, resilience. He realised that many agencies were piling in to the relief effort, but what about the longer term?

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