There are many different pathways to giving, and there is no single image of what a philanthropist looks like.

Strategy and decision making are a crucial part of giving. In Philanthropy Stories, we speak to philanthropists of all types about the highs and lows they faced on their journeys.

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stone family foundation

From Business to Philanthropy: John Stone’s charitable giving. 

Investing in philanthropy is a lot like investing in business, says John Stone. Except you’re seeking a social return, not a financial one. We sat down with John to discuss his charitable activity through the Stone Family Foundation, and why taking a business approach can be so effective.

alastair stewart thumbnail

Alastair Stewart | Connectivity, competence and philanthropy.

Alastair Stewart is one of the nation’s most recognisable prime time faces. From wars to elections, millions have watched him break news headlines across the decades. Lesser known, though, is Alastair’s engagement in charity. We sat down with the journalist to learn about his philanthropy.

ewan kirk

Ewan Kirk – Why donors should give charities ‘permission to fail’

Ewan Kirk is a technology entrepreneur and co-founder of the Turner Kirk Trust. His philanthropic pursuits focus on unlocking the potential of charities through catalysing innovation. Ewan believes that making a charity more effective and efficient will amplify the impact of all its future donations. He discusses his approach to giving.

sylvia brown featured image

Sylvia Brown | Why I’m passionate about donor education

Sylvia Brown comes from a family with a 300 year history of philanthropy. But recently, she has seen relatives engage in unstrategic ‘cocktail party’ giving. Noticing that there was no educational resource to help individual donors give more strategically, she decided to create one herself. We find out more.

paul cornes featured image

Honouring a loved one through philanthropy; the Paul Cornes Fund

In 2020, Tom Flood set up The Paul Cornes Fund, to honour the memory of his late partner. Its aim? To use Paul’s money to support those in need in Dorset. In this interview, we speak to Tom about what inspired the Fund’s establishment, and how setting it up has helped him stay connected to the community and to Paul.

gay huey evans

More than just money; a holistic approach to giving.

“Giving money is great, but it is not the only way to help.” In this interview, we speak to London Metal Exchange chair Gay Huey Evans to learn about how effective philanthropy sometimes involves drawing on your skills as well as your financial resources to help a charity thrive.

sam lawson johnston

Splitting Your Focus: funding globally and locally.

You’re committed to supporting your local community, but also want to stimulate change internationally. Can you do both? Samuel Lawson Johnston talks to us about this dilemma and how he found a solution by splitting his focus.

sophie marple gower street

From Girls’ Education to Climate Funding – Sophie Marple’s philanthropy journey.

Sophie and Nick Marple established Gower Street in 2007 to give more structure to their charitable funding. Beginning with a focus on girls’ education, the trust has now also moved into climate funding. We speak to Sophie to learn about the motivations and ambitions for her giving.

max morgan

Taking the first steps into philanthropy

Max Morgan developed a love of Menorca after spending a lot of his childhood on the island. Once established in a career, Max developed the resources to be able to give back to the island in a more substantial way. We find out about Max’s experience becoming a founding member of Menorca Preservation Fund, his first substantial philanthropic endeavour.