About Us

The Beacon Fellowship exists to encourage and celebrate philanthropy in the UK.

We work in close partnership with other organisations encouraging philanthropy, including New Philanthropy Capital, Philanthropy Impact, the Charities Aid Foundation and The Philanthropy Workshop. We are steered by a philanthropists council, which allows the direct input of major donors to guide our work.

We aim to attract over £2bn per year more donations to charity and social investment by 2025. We will do this by;

  • Raising public awareness around the capacities of philanthropy in the UK, so we can create more potential philanthropists and social investors. We aim to encouraging debate on the role of philanthropy in modern society, so we can help to unlock all its potential.
  • Continuing to celebrate and share best practice in philanthropy and social investment through the Beacon Awards programme
  • Understanding more about who gives, and why, with a view to identifying and maximising the opportunities for major donors to give more.
  • Working with advisors to ensure everyone receives encouragement and quality advice about how to build social investments and donate significant funds in their financial planning.  We will build on the expertise of the professional services sector and improve the regulatory framework for philanthropy in the UK.
  • Encouraging existing philanthropists to influence their peer networks, so that giving becomes contagious. We will aim to connect active philanthropists and social investors, support others to give and invest, and to promote excellence.
  • Working to engage government and political groups, to create the right climate for philanthropy in the UK