People are drawn to philanthropy for a range of reasons, but we all have one thing in common: the desire to use our resources for good.

Philanthropists have the opportunity to use our private assets for public good. This might be by helping grassroots projects or local communities with very present needs. It might be by taking risks and supporting bold, innovative solutions to social problems. The options and opportunities abound.

Building philanthropy into your life is one of the most rewarding things you can do and we are here to help you on that journey by providing learning and resources.


Starting your philanthropy

Anyone can be a philanthropist. Perhaps you are taking the first step towards that role.

You might be thinking about:

  • who to donate to
  • how you know your money is being used well
  • how to build a relationship with the charity you choose to support.

How we can help : –

Our resource library has a range of helpful resources and services from Beacon and the philanthropy sector to help you get the most out of your giving.

Our Philanthropy Ecosystem series explains who some of the key people who can help you as you develop your giving.

Developing your philanthropy

Perhaps you are already involved in giving to good causes and you want to improve the scale or impact of your giving.

You might be thinking about:

  • donating more money 
  • developing your philanthropic strategy
  • giving more of your talent to the charities you support, not just your wealth

How we can help : –

Our Beacons Connect network is our trusted space for ongoing peer discussion and networking.

Our research gives you insights into current developments and challenges in the sector.

Our blog features the latest developments and thinking in philanthropy and social investment.