What are Donor Advisory Boards and how can they improve your giving?

A Donor Advisory Board is a new structure that brings others into giving decisions — for example experts and family members.

The Philanthropy Ecosystem: Donor educators

Educator Derek Bardowell creates learning experiences for donors and foundations to interrogate their wealth, unlearn harmful practices and develop reparative approaches to philanthropy.

Rosemary Macdonald

The Philanthropy Ecosystem: Giving vehicle providers

Giving vehicles support philanthropists and donors to ring-fence their money for charitable purposes and help manage its distribution and the involvement of family members.


The Philanthropy Ecosystem: The Connectors

Part of the philanthropy ecosystem is made up of the connectors – the networks, platforms and collaborations that ensure philanthropy is less lonely.

George King

The Philanthropy Ecosystem: Private Client Advisors

George King of MASECO Private Wealth is on a mission to see philanthropy advice included in the wealth management proposition.

Rhodri Davies

The Philanthropy Ecosystem: Thinkers, researchers, academics

Philanthropy can look very simple. However once you start, the complexity quickly reveals itself. This is where the thinkers and researchers can help…

Lizzy Steinhart

The Philanthropy Ecosystem: What is a philanthropy advisor and what do they do?

The Philanthropy Ecosystem: The Philanthropy Advisor. We are delighted to introduce the first article of our brand new Philanthropy Ecosystem Series, designed to break the ‘isolation tank’ syndrome that philanthropists can sometimes find themselves in. The good news is they are not alone and an evolving ecosystem of support exists to help them. In this […]