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Cath Dovey

Beacon Impact Forum: Growing giving is a shared responsibility between government, the private sector, the philanthropy sector and charities

This year’s Forum was an inspiring day that saw a rich exchange of ideas, dynamic discussions, valuable networking and potential future collaborations from experienced leaders from across the impact community.

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Beacon Collaborative

Enriched philanthropists-only group is moving to a new home with I.G. Advisors

Enriched, our private, invite-only group for philanthropists, is moving to a new home with I.G. Advisors – an award-winning team of philanthropy and impact experts with decades of experience supporting the philanthropy, business and nonprofit sectors to create social and environmental change.

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Cath Dovey

Philanthropy grows again in 2023 — second consecutive year

For a second consecutive year, giving among the UK’s wealthy population continued to grow. Looking at the annual trends from our quarterly research, we saw positive results in the median and average (mean) levels of giving, showing that high net worth giving increased significantly last year and has been on an upward trajectory since 2020.

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Beacon Collaborative

Scoping the high net worth philanthropy market

To address data gaps in high net worth giving, this study trialled a new model based on survey data in which donors were selected by their wealth level. Results suggest that total giving by the HNW and UNHW population in the UK could be worth around £7.76bn and possibly much more.

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Cath Dovey

Summer lull in giving, but underlying trends remain strong

The median level of giving among the whole population of millionaires reverted to £500 from significantly higher figures in March and June.However, those with wealth >£5 million gave at levels above the long-term median trend.

An infographic on giving in diverse communities

Beacon Collaborative

Bridging diversity in British giving: Engaging donors from diverse giving communities

We commissioned this qualitative research project to help improve understanding of how diverse groups experience philanthropy, their relationship to the wider charity sector and how they channel their support to their communities.

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Caroline Graham

Early spike in millionaire giving drops off while women donors give more — latest data shows 

The major spike in giving by UK millionaires, seen at the beginning of 2023, dropped off in the second quarter of this year. However levels of giving are still higher than at the end of 2022.

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Caroline Graham

Good news for giving: Sunday Times Giving List 2023 and other reports show UK’s wealthy are giving more

Giving levels among some of the UK’s wealthy on the rise. The Sunday Times Giving List 2023 shows last year collectively they gave £3.4 billion to charity up by more than a billion on last year’s total giving. 

Cath Dovey

UK millionaires respond to cost-of-living crisis

The UK’s wealthy population responded to the cost-of-living crisis with a sizeable lift in major giving in the first quarter of this year, early indicators suggest.

Cath Dovey

Foundation Practice Rating: philanthropy and public accountability

The Foundation Practice Rating tracks the performance of 100 UK foundations according to their efforts on transparency, accountability and diversity.