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Enriched philanthropists-only group is moving to a new home with I.G. Advisors

Enriched, our private, invite-only group for philanthropists, is moving to a new home with I.G. Advisors – an award-winning team of philanthropy and impact experts with decades of experience supporting the philanthropy, business and nonprofit sectors to create social and environmental change.

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Scoping the high net worth philanthropy market

To address data gaps in high net worth giving, this study trialled a new model based on survey data in which donors were selected by their wealth level. Results suggest that total giving by the HNW and UNHW population in the UK could be worth around £7.76bn and possibly much more.

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Bridging diversity in British giving: Engaging donors from diverse giving communities

We commissioned this qualitative research project to help improve understanding of how diverse groups experience philanthropy, their relationship to the wider charity sector and how they channel their support to their communities.

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CAF Sunday Times Giving List 2022

With great power comes great responsibility. The same can be said for great wealth. The Giving List highlights those wealthy individuals who are leading the way in giving back to society. In this article we look at who topped the list and which causes were popular among the top givers.

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Flexible Impact: a sliding scale to dial-in your impact

Impact investing is growing in popularity. As it does, the market is seeing new vehicles crop up which are increasingly aiming to meet investors’ needs. One such vehicle is Blue Impact Fund. We ask what these vehicles mean for philanthropists looking to increase their impact.

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UK Foreign Aid Cut: Philanthropists cannot be expected to pick up the slack.

In November 2020, the UK cut its foreign aid commitment from 0.7% of GNI to 0.5%. We bring attention to one consortium which is trying to assuage the damage by developing a philanthropy-backed £100m fund. However, we also point out why philanthropy cannot be a permanent fix to state-funded foreign aid.

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What happened at Talking Philanthropy, the world’s largest philanthropy forum?

On 14th May 2021, Global Philanthropic hosted the world’s largest philanthropy forum, Talking Philanthropy 2021. We reflect on what happened, and take a look at the three entrepreneurs who won commendations for their charitable efforts.


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Foundations are rising to the Covid challenge. How can yours?

New research published by the Association of Charitable Foundations reveals that the majority of UK foundations are looking to maintain or continue their grant funding during 2021. The research comes as a relief to the many charities struggling for funding in the UK. We look what philanthropists can take from this research for their foundation’s funding practices throughout the year.

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New report demonstrates how philanthropists can use their funding to challenge the status quo

A new report looks into funding programmes designed in 2020 and how they have (or have not) reached organisations led by black people and communities experiencing racial injustice. The report gives a number of recommendations funders and funding organisations can implement to redress the balance and serves as a reminder of the vital role philanthropy can play in challenging the status quo.

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Budget 2021: SITR gets two-year extension 

In his 2021 budget, announced on Wednesday this week, Chancellor Sunak extended the social investment tax relief scheme by a further two years. We look in detail at why it might have been cut, why the sector should be relieved at this extension, and how SITR can be improved.