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A new organisation-led foundation for black and minority ethnic communities

Baobab Foundation was established in response both to the murder of George Floyd, and to the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on black and minority ethnic communities in the UK. We spoke with Joe, Dilhani and Jake to learn more about the foundation and how it could progress the philanthropic landscape in the UK.

Murielle Maupoint

Beacon Collaborative

Fund emerges to support small UK overseas development charities at-risk due to Covid

A new initiative has been launched to attract philanthropic money towards small, struggling international development charities. We interviewed Murielle Maupoint, who started the fund, to understand how philanthropists can mitigate their risk when supporting international development overseas.

Cath Dovey

Can the UK become a global centre of excellence for international philanthropy and social investment?

The UK has a golden opportunity to position itself as the leading global centre for philanthropy and global investment. Our report examines the UK’s strengths and argues that it can do even better to increase its share of an estimated £180 billion global opportunity.