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3 Reasons to Invest Philanthropically in Mental Health

“Sound mental health is the foundation of everything that’s needed to thrive,” begins Holly Elliott. And yet, 300 million people worldwide are experiencing depression alone. Drawing on examples from her work at mental health charity StrongMinds, Holly makes donors aware of three key ways they can help to fight back for strong mental health.

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Where are the women in philanthropy?

The 2022 Sunday Times Giving List, which features the top 100 givers of the year, has just three overt mentions of funding ‘women.’ This set alarm bells ringing for Lucy Hart, given how consistently women’s issues are discussed. In this article, she asks how funding can be expanded.

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Social equity in philanthropy – management or measurement?

Should funders of all sizes be measured against the same yardstick? In this article, Cath explores why it is tricky to hold funders of vastly different resource levels to exactly the same standards, but that all funders can make progress by applying a social equity lens to their grantmaking.

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Philanthropy Right Now: Stimulating Intergenerational Dialogue

We are in the midst of the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history. But many family foundations are still run by older generations. In this article, Marie-Louise Gourlay opines that tackling our social problems requires breaking down the intergenerational barrier and embracing younger voices, too.


How To Be The Philanthropist That Makes A Difference

It’s only natural to want to get the most for your money in any situation. Philanthropy’s no different. In this article, our guest author Emmanuel Ayoola speaks to two heads of charities about how you can develop the most rewarding relationship with the charities you support.

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Philanthropy Right Now: Agreeing to disagree

“Philanthropy is a curious and complex thing,” starts Pears Foundation’s Rhodri Davies. In this edition of our monthly column, he sits down to share his thoughts with us on why the topic is sometimes controversial. In the age of Twitter-style point scoring, Rhodri implores us to approach the subject with more nuance and realise the public good that can be achieved from private means.

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Getting Started: Why Taking a Considered Approach Towards Philanthropy Matters

What does it take to be an effective charitable giver? Kate Symondson began running her family’s foundation just last summer and has grappled with various hurdles and challenges since. In this article, she details these challenges and explains the effective methods she has been applying to overcome them and to give well.

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Time, Talent and Treasuring donor relationships

What makes for a good relationship between a charitable donor and the person helping them to make change? This is the question at the centre of Jessica Maybanks’ new article for Beacon. Based on her extensive experience in fundraising, Jessica explains how many fundraisers are losing out by not engaging philanthropists beyond financial donations.

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Government, Community, Philanthropy: a three-pronged relationship for social good.

“Partnerships between philanthropy, government and community are complex, but when successful, transformational.” In this article, Andrew Watt – an expert on policy, communications and strategy within the social sector – explains how taking a partnership approach can lead to huge benefits for UK society.