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A different approach to funding charities…

Traditional banks generally spend their time focusing on profit-driven companies, rather than supporting charities and social enterprises. Despite this, many third sector organisation still need loan finance. We speak to Ed Siegel, CEO of Charity Bank, a unique initiative providing a solution.

audacious philanthropy

Audacious Philanthropy: 5 ways to improve your giving

Already involved in charitable giving, but not having the impact you’d like? Before simply reaching for more money, there are alterations you can make to your giving strategy which may elicit stronger results. Here are five ways you can improve and upscale your philanthropic giving.


Philanthropy Is About More Than Giving: People Must Work To Change The Foundations

“Philanthropy doesn’t work only through generous acts; it must provide real and long-lasting change that makes the world better.” Mike Schiemer suggests 4 actionable steps you can take to improve your giving and drive real change.

youth crisis

Philanthropy’s essential role in tackling the Youth Crisis.

Young people are facing their second ‘once in a generation’ economic shock. If action is not taken, the life-chances of today’s youth are at risk of evaporating. Kat Farram, Director of Philanthropy at the Prince’s Trust, pens this Beacon guest blog to explain how philanthropists have been answering the call.