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Ajaz.org | Supporting children and families in need

What inspires somebody to set up an outfit for their philanthropy? In this article, we speak to Nicola and Ajaz from Ajaz.org. The duo talk about why they support children and families in need, the approach they take to funding, and what advice they have for new givers.

wealthy philanthropists

How many potential philanthropists are there in the UK?

How do we increase the amount of wealthy philanthropy in the UK without understanding how many potential givers there are? Beacon co-founder Cath Dovey takes on the task in this article, quantifying the target demographic and doubling-down on the importance of strong donor/charity relationships.

funders collaborative hub

Funders Collaborative Hub: A platform for donor collaboration

Covid saw the philanthropy sector collaborate to make amazing things happen. Funders worked together in brand new ways to bring money to where it was critically needed. Attempting to expand this collaborative spirit, the Association of Charitable Foundations has created the Funders Collaborative Hub. Jim Cooke, leading the project, tells us more…

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Levelling-Up | Why we need to engage philanthropists.

This week, Michael Gove announce the long-awaited Levelling-Up white paper. The ambitious plan looks to rocket-boost ‘left-behind’ communities around the UK. But with no new money coming from Treasury, we consider the increasingly important role of engaging philanthropists in the project.