in defence of philanthropy

In Defence of Philanthropy; challenging anti-philanthropy narratives.

“Attacks on ‘big giving’ have become more commonplace over the last decade,” states Dr Beth Breeze. But in a world where charities are reliant on donations from the wealthy, allowing this narrative to go entirely unchallenged risks donations drying up. Beth lays out why so many fundamental philanthropy criticisms are unfounded.

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Philanthropy Right Now: What can #Partygate teach donors about trust?

In this edition Philanthropy Right Now, Marie-Louise Gourlay reflects on the recent #Partygate revelations. She looks at the damage these revelations have done to public confidence in the government and asks what lessons we, as funders, can take forward into our own philanthropic partnerships.

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Good News? Can philanthropy unlock a better media landscape?

Fake news, propaganda, corruption. Elements found far too often in the UK media. But can hope be found in an unlikely ally? Jonathan Heawood, director of Public Interest News Foundation, analyses the topic and how donors can help to realise a better media landscape.

philanthropy data

How Better Data on HNW Giving can sustain Giving Trends

Beacon has been tracking giving in the UK’s millionaire population since the start of Covid. The most recent results, our 7th survey, provide the opportunity to reflect on the imperative role of good data in encouraging greater giving. The article also highlights the results of the December 2021 survey.

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New Years’ Honours – More Celebration and Less Derision

If we want to see philanthropy in the UK grow, it is essential that we become more comfortable celebrating it. This is the argument put forward by Beacon director Sarah Jane O’Neill, as she reviews 2022’s New Year’s Honours List. This year’s list reveals that philanthropy is referenced just 9 times out of 1,278 honours.