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Match funding is so powerful — especially when it quadruples donations

Match funding is a fantastic opportunity for donors because it amplifies funding without having to contribute more funds while seeing your donation go much further.


The Philanthropy Ecosystem: The Connectors

Part of the philanthropy ecosystem is made up of the connectors – the networks, platforms and collaborations that ensure philanthropy is less lonely.

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The Philanthropy Ecosystem: Private Client Advisors

George King of MASECO Private Wealth is on a mission to see philanthropy advice included in the wealth management proposition.

Beacon releases two reports mapping the path to growth

Beacon releases two reports mapping the path to growth

Beacon releases two reports mapping the path to growth In a week when Beacon was involved in the launch of two reports, a pertinent comment from one of Beacon’s close friends came to mind: “Do we need all these reports being produced by the philanthropy and social investment sectors? Is this a good use of […]

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The Philanthropy Ecosystem: Thinkers, researchers, academics

Philanthropy can look very simple. However once you start, the complexity quickly reveals itself. This is where the thinkers and researchers can help…

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The Philanthropy Ecosystem: What is a philanthropy advisor and what do they do?

The Philanthropy Ecosystem: The Philanthropy Advisor. We are delighted to introduce the first article of our brand new Philanthropy Ecosystem Series, designed to break the ‘isolation tank’ syndrome that philanthropists can sometimes find themselves in. The good news is they are not alone and an evolving ecosystem of support exists to help them. In this […]

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3 Reasons to Invest Philanthropically in Mental Health

“Sound mental health is the foundation of everything that’s needed to thrive,” begins Holly Elliott. And yet, 300 million people worldwide are experiencing depression alone. Drawing on examples from her work at mental health charity StrongMinds, Holly makes donors aware of three key ways they can help to fight back for strong mental health.

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Where are the women in philanthropy?

The 2022 Sunday Times Giving List, which features the top 100 givers of the year, has just three overt mentions of funding ‘women.’ This set alarm bells ringing for Lucy Hart, given how consistently women’s issues are discussed. In this article, she asks how funding can be expanded.

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Social equity in philanthropy – management or measurement?

Should funders of all sizes be measured against the same yardstick? In this article, Cath explores why it is tricky to hold funders of vastly different resource levels to exactly the same standards, but that all funders can make progress by applying a social equity lens to their grantmaking.