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what is impact investing

What is Impact Investing? Part 1 of 3 from the Understanding Impact Investing series

Part 1 of a 3 part series on impact investing by Scott Greenhalgh. This article tackles the definitional challenge for investors and philanthropists, considers the level of returns an investor can expect and places impact investing within the wider sustainable and responsible investing landscape.

Will disruption, windfalls and changing attitudes increase philanthropy in 2021?

Looking at giving trends from 2020, Cathy Pharoah discusses what we can expect in philanthropy in 2021. Has the shift to higher giving rates been permanent? Is it here to stay? Or will we see giving revert back to traditional levels once the pandemic tails off?

5 times philanthropy helped change the course of cancer research

In few areas is the impact of philanthropy more clear than the field of medical research. To celebrate the contribution private resources have made to this field, Cancer Research has compiled a list of 5 times philanthropy helped change the course of cancer research.

Funding the Future – What we’ve learnt and where we’re heading next

Much like the Beacon Collaborative, London Funders strives to enable our members to not just give, but to give well. In this guest blog, we’re covering how we’ve supported London’s communities during the covid-19 crisis, what we have learnt so far, and (perhaps most excitingly) what we’re doing next.

place-based philanthropy

Place-based Philanthropy: The Rationale for Culturally-driven Regeneration Projects

How can we realise the integral contribution the Arts makes to society and incorporate this through a reinvigoration of place-based philanthropy? Paul Callaghan CBE and Paul Williams explore how arts and culture can be used to inspire the regeneration of communities neglected by traditional development projects.

the philanthropy sector and covid

2020 In Review: What can we learn from the philanthropy sector’s COVID response?

  2020 In Review: What can we learn from the philanthropy sector’s COVID response? “2020 has been the most important year for philanthropy in recent times.” – Matthew Bowcock Throughout 2020, hundreds of millions of pounds in grants have been distributed to non-profit organisations throughout the UK. The purpose, to support those that found themselves […]

sir alec reed

7 Charities for Christmas Giving: Sir Alec Reed shares his choices.

In 2007, Sir Alec Reed, founder of one of the UK’s best known recruitment brands, REED, saw a huge gap in the philanthropic and giving landscape: the opportunity for small, medium and large donors to join together to meet a charity’s needs for a specific campaign. From this realisation, Sir Alec has spent more than a decade to make giving easier for all kinds of donors.

The Philanthropy Paradox – what is the relationship between philanthropy and philanthropists?

Prism, the Gift Fund, recently launched The Philanthropy Paradox, a research report that suggests philanthropists are not held in particularly high esteem, especially among those who are most likely to have come into contact with their work. We argue that the solution lies not in the words, but in actions. Philanthropists must work to root their work in the communities they support. In parallel, society must recognise it will gain more by treating those who give thoughtfully in service of a better society with greater nuance and care.

environmental funders booklet

27 Stories of Success from the Environmental Funders Network

The Environmental Funders Network have released an illustrated booklet of case studies to showcase pathways into environmental funding.   The 27 stories of network members, including individuals and trust and foundations, demonstrate the transformative potential of philanthropy.  This work not only showcases pathways to new and increasing philanthropy for those that wish to support environmental causes but also offers valuable insights into all philanthropic efforts and best practice in giving.