Cath Dovey

“Philanthropy from Aristotle to Zuckerberg” – A Contemporary UK Perspective

Paul Vallely’s new book “Philanthropy from Aristotle to Zuckerberg” is breathtaking in its ambition and scope. It is undoubtedly an important book not only on the history of philanthropy, but also as an analysis of its role in society.

Beacon Collaborative

Philanthropists urged to ‘Do Something New’ to support the charity sector through COVID-19

The Beacon Collaborative is inspiring others to take a new look at how they decide to give launching the “Do Something New” guide to giving.

Beacon Collaborative

Do Something New – Questions to ask when supporting a new charity

This toolkit is a guide for philanthropists and advisors. It provides questions they can ask when deciding which charities to support through the survive, adapt, and thrive phases of the post-COVID landscape.