Bridging diversity in British giving: Engaging donors from diverse giving communities

An infographic on giving in diverse communities

In 2022, we commissioned this qualitative research project to help improve understanding of how diverse groups experience philanthropy, their relationship to the wider charity sector and how they channel their support to their communities.

The report was compiled by ClearView Research who conducted focus groups and individual interviews primarily from people from within Black, Asian, Muslim and Jewish communities.

The findings were published in September 2023.

The report found:

Bridging diversity in British giving - report cover

  • Participants felt that greater recognition of collective history and experience would lead to a shared understanding of why the needs of diverse communities take priority in their giving.
  • Factors such as personal life histories, interests, identity, faith, and family and community all influence decisions to give and to what causes.
  • A lot of giving supports causes ‘within’ the community — reflecting their personal experience and upbringing. This manifests in giving to causes such as tackling injustice, social mobility, and racial inequality. Other causes included addressing unemployment or poverty, educational needs, welfare and mental health. These issues affect diverse communities in multiple nuanced ways. 
  • Organisations with a deep understanding of a community’s history, identity, and challenges, and whose solutions are aligned with these unique needs, are more likely to establish trust and meaningful engagement with donors from that community. 
  • Participants felt that social and racial injustices against people from Black, Asian, Muslim, and Jewish communities play a distinct part in their feelings towards the wider philanthropy and fundraising sector in the UK.
  • Representation was very important as many participants felt their shared histories needed further acknowledgement from larger organisations that want to engage with them. 


The report proposes clear actions and recommendations for major donor fundraisers, advisers, the wealth advisory community and foundations to strengthen diversity and create a more inclusive ecosystem that better reflects the diversity of the UK’s population. 

The report’s recommendations include:

For the philanthropy and fundraising sector

  • To develop practices to engage, support and build long-term relationships

People want authentic engagement from people they feel recognise and understand their history, culture, and values. Therefore better understanding, knowledge and awareness is needed, as well as a commitment to improving relationships through a recognition of the past.

  1. Developing an inclusive culture that is welcoming

An inclusive culture offering events and spaces that feel safe and open to people from diverse cultural and racial backgrounds. This is key to moving engagement and relationships forward and building trust with givers at different stages of their giving journey.

For policymakers and foundations

  • Develop infrastructure that will enable donors to support grassroots organisations

Because people from diverse backgrounds are more likely to give to organisations within their community, partnerships to develop the infrastructure of in-community philanthropy could help to bridge new and fruitful relationships, and build trust. 

The report was generously funded by Arts Council England and City Bridge Foundation — London’s biggest independent charity funder.


DOWNLOAD: The full report