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millennial donors

Top 10 needs of millennial donors (and how to meet them)

Our recent research into #YoungGivers highlights that charities and fundraisers develop stronger relationships with young and wealthy donors if they understand them better. We highlight the top 10 things we’ve learnt about millennial donors and demonstrate how you can meet their needs.

our common good

Reinventing philanthropy for today | Our Common Good

“If the state will provide less, who will provide more?” This sentence guided John Nickson down the journey of developing a new approach to philanthropy. We speak with John, and fellow co-founder Paul Donovan, to learn about their new philanthropic initiative designed to help left-behind communities across the UK.

millennial philanthropy one-pager for business

How businesses can inspire millennial philanthropy

Our research shows that young people are anxious to give away big sums of money, but that they still want to engage in philanthropy. We look four ways that businesses can step up to fill the gap, providing convenient solutions to inspire millennial philanthropy.

tech and philanthropy

4 ways tech can help first-time donors

Tech is making it easier for those looking to get into philanthropy to take their first steps. From identifying the right causes to support to being able to track the impact your donation is having, here are four ways tech can help you to give.

young donors

4 types of wealthy young donor – #YoungGivers report

During the #YoungGivers research, we discovered that young donors have a range of different needs and that charities should not treat them as a monolith. From these insights, we identified four ‘types’ of young donor charities should understand and should integrate into their fundraising practices.

you say we say

You Say, We Say: Language to communicate better

Our recent research shows that language used by charities and that used by wealthy young people is not always aligned. If not addressed, these misunderstandings will result in young donors having unfulfilling relationships with charities. We highlight some of the most common examples to look out for.

young wealth holders

Meet the experts engaging millennials in philanthropy

Philanthropists regularly talk about how they wish they had got involved in philanthropy sooner. But the truth is that while the majority of young wealth holders have the desire to give, many don’t know the first step to take. We speak to three enterprising individuals who are seeking to light the way and get young wealth holders involved in philanthropy.

impact investing

Impact Investing and the Three Dimensions of Capital – Part 3 of 3 from the Understanding Impact Investing series

The final article of a three-part series on impact investing by Scott Greenhalgh. This article looks at the the distinction between finance-first and impact-first equity investing. While each approach has its own legitimate within the spectrum of capital, Scott advises that we need to identify the fault-lines between the two.

Andrew Carnegie

Your philanthropic journey: what we can learn from the father of modern philanthropy.

Reflecting on the historic and celebrated philanthropy of Andrew Carnegie, Ben Morton Wright looks at what lessons we can learn from the giving pioneer. He settles on three main drivers: being creative, regarding giving as an investment, and realising that giving is the best thing you can ever do. This guest blog explores these areas in detail.