Can the UK become a global centre of excellence for international philanthropy and social investment?

The report shows that the UK is strong at international philanthropy and social investment, and examines how it can become even stronger.

The future of international philanthropy and social investment is blended, impact-oriented, collaborative and global. Sophisticated global philanthropists and social investors will seek out jurisdictions that can support their global giving with unambiguous policies, targeted and clear regulation, world-class infrastructure and an innovative environment.

By welcoming responsible global citizens who are seeking positive social impact, the UK can enhance its position as a world-leading centre for progressive global finance and wealth management and send a powerful signal to the world about the UK’s commitment to responsible global leadership in a post-Brexit and post-Covid world.

This report examines what the UK must do to achieve these goals and become the world’s first global centre of excellence for philanthropy and social investment.

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We also spoke to international philanthropists and those within the sector about their thoughts. They discuss the subject in these videos.