Report: How can we better engage wealthy millennials in philanthropy?

While a considerable amount of research has been carried out on the general barriers to charitable giving, little has focused on the up-and-coming wealthy and their relationship with philanthropy. New research carried out by Beacon and Savanta has sought to address this gap in knowledge, carrying out in-depth qualitative research with a range of wealthy young givers.

Fundraisers, wealth advisors and charity sector professionals will find this research particularly valuable. The findings will help them to better understand the needs of wealthy millennials and develop long-standing and ultimately fruitful relationships with the next generation of wealth holders.

Our in-depth research provides insight into:

  • the relationships millennials want with charities;
  • how charitable organisations can connect with these millennials;
  • how millennials currently give;
  • millennial attitudes to philanthropy;
  • how millennial givers self-identify.

DOWNLOAD: The full report