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Top 10 needs of millennial donors

(…and how to meet them)

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Millennials are now becoming established in professional careers and beginning to earn more money. As they become wealthier, it is imperative that we expose them to charitable giving to help them embark on their philanthropic journey.

In April 2021, Beacon and Savanta published the #YoungGivers research to fill the gap in knowledge about their philanthropy. Funded by Arts Council England, the research sought to shed light on the giving habits and attitudes of wealthy young people from around the UK.

We learnt that much of what we assumed about their philanthropic activity is wrong. Instead of developing long-term strategies, they largely give in the moment; they see technology as a shortcut for ‘real’ interaction, not a replacement; they don’t use words like ‘impact’ in the same way that charities do.

We realised that charities could improve their interactions with young donors if they understood the needs of this demographic better. In this infographic, based on our insights from the #YoungGivers research, we explore the Top 10 things we learned about millennial donors and suggest how you can meet their needs.