Beacon awards for philanthropy

The Beacon Awards were previously awarded to philanthropists who had made outstanding contributions.  Beacon no longer gives out awards. We now celebrate philanthropy by communicating the incredible achievements of all philanthropists. The awards were given from 2003 – 2017. The previous awards winners are below.

2017 Winners

Alexander Hoare

Dame Kelly Holmes

Tom Ilube

Martin Lewis OBE

Jonathan Ruffer DL

Dr Kim Tan

James Thomas

Dame Vivienne Westwood & Cool Earth

Helen Wilde & Peter Wilde

2015 Winners

Suzanne Biegel

Jamie Carragher

Graham Clempson and Pilotlight

Ben Drew aka Plan B

David Harding and Claudia Harding

Lord Harris and Lady Harris DBE DL

Bill Holroyd CBE DL

Sir Peter Lampl OBE

Jonathan Moulds

Trevor Pears CMG

Jack Petchey CBE

Sir Peter Vardy DL and Lady Margaret Vardy

Sir Ian Wood CBE and Lady Helen Wood

2013 Winners

Harris Bokhari

Richard Bradbury CBE

Angila Chadha

Carol Colburn Grigor CBE

Stephen Dawson OBE

Lloyd Dorfman CBE

Nick Ferguson CBE and Jane Ferguson

Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett

Paul Marshall

Jack Morris OBE
Gordon Morrison

Michael Norton OBE

Kavita Oberoi

Marcelle Speller OBE

2011/12 Young Philanthropy Syndicate Founders (Michael Harris, Adam Pike, Sam Cohen, Alex Dwek, Alex Gardner, Paul Gorrie, Niccolo Manzoni, Jack Prevezer, Conor Quinn)

Four special awards were made by board of judges to the following, commended for demonstrating the highest standards of philanthropy in the UK today:

Sir Vernon Ellis
Harvey McGrath
J.K. Rowling OBE
John Stone

2010 Winners

Geordie Greig
Angus MacDonald OBE and Michie MacDonald
Dr James Partridge OBE
Sir Alec Reed CBE
Benita Refson OBE
Clive Staffford-Smith OBE
Jane Tewson CBE
John Timpson CBE and Alex Timpson MBE
Robert Wilson
William S White

2008 Winners

Paul Barry-Walsh
Dr Peter Carey
Vikki George
Tom Henderson OBE
Kevin Jenkins OBE
Richard Moore

2007 Winners

Diana Barran MBE
Zacwan Chowdhury
Samendra Das
Michael de Giorgio
Gill Donovan
Duncan Goose
Janet Hannay
Claire Hicks MBE
Sir Torquil Norman
Heather Reynolds
Michale Spencer
Jane Winter

2006 Winners

Helen Bamber OBE
John Bird MBE
Rev William Broad
Dame Vivien Duffield
Paul Hardie
Okezie Kerryanne Jacobsen
Paul Lamplugh
The late Diana Lamplugh
Claire Mackintosh
Kate McVeigh
Matthew Orr
Rita Patel
Leah Pattison
John Vanier
Benamin Wells
Michael Wood

2005 Winner

Zulfi Hussain

2004 Winners

Dr Mohammed Amran
Jake Bonsall
The late Major Richard Carr-Gomm OBE
Ann Cotton OBE
Bruce Crowther
Francesca D’Arcy
Niall Fitzduff
Sir Bob Geldof
Prof Peter Guthrie OBE
Dennis Humble
Dr Frederick Mulder CBE
Jamie Oliver MBE
Rosalind Portman
The late John Profumo CBE
Sigrid Rausing
Sir David Rowe-Beddoe
The late Dr Mora Scott MBE
Brigadier Peter Stewart-Richardson MBE
John Studzinski CBE

2003 Winners

Baron Amir Bhatia OBE
David Constantine MBE
Martin Fisher
Sarah Francis
The late Sir Paul Getty
Zac Goldsmith
Sir Tom Hunter
Jason Maude
Alexander McLean
Nick Moon
The late Prof David Morley CBE
Niall Quinn MBE
Dame Stephanie Shirley
Carol Wiggins

Beacon now celebrates philanthropy through our dedicated ‘Stories’ section.

Read stories

From Business to Philanthropy: John Stone’s charitable giving. 

Investing in philanthropy is a lot like investing in business, says John Stone. Except you’re seeking a social return, not a financial one. We sat down with John to discuss his charitable activity through the Stone Family Foundation, and why taking a business approach can be so effective.

Alastair Stewart | Connectivity, competence and philanthropy.

Alastair Stewart is one of the nation’s most recognisable prime time faces. From wars to elections, millions have watched him break news headlines across the decades. Lesser known, though, is Alastair’s engagement in charity. We sat down with the journalist to learn about his philanthropy.

Ewan Kirk – Why donors should give charities ‘permission to fail’

Ewan Kirk is a technology entrepreneur and co-founder of the Turner Kirk Trust. His philanthropic pursuits focus on unlocking the potential of charities through catalysing innovation. Ewan believes that making a charity more effective and efficient will amplify the impact of all its future donations. He discusses his approach to giving.

Sylvia Brown | Why I’m passionate about donor education

Sylvia Brown comes from a family with a 300 year history of philanthropy. But recently, she has seen relatives engage in unstrategic ‘cocktail party’ giving. Noticing that there was no educational resource to help individual donors give more strategically, she decided to create one herself. We find out more.

Honouring a loved one through philanthropy; the Paul Cornes Fund

In 2020, Tom Flood set up The Paul Cornes Fund, to honour the memory of his late partner. Its aim? To use Paul’s money to support those in need in Dorset. In this interview, we speak to Tom about what inspired the Fund’s establishment, and how setting it up has helped him stay connected to the community and to Paul.

More than just money; a holistic approach to giving.

“Giving money is great, but it is not the only way to help.” In this interview, we speak to London Metal Exchange chair Gay Huey Evans to learn about how effective philanthropy sometimes involves drawing on your skills as well as your financial resources to help a charity thrive.